Troubadours: Grades 6-12, Tenor, Bass, and Changing Voices & Concert Choir: Troubadours and Anima combined

Conductors: Zach Kubasta (Troubadours and Concert Choir) Michelle Bendett (Concert Choir)
St. Olaf Intern:Jake Olson

Rehearsal time: Mondays 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Rehearsal location: Bethel Lutheran Church, Northfield


  • $45 registration fee (single student) or $60 registration fee (family).
  • 9 monthly payments of $80.45, ($724 annual tuition).
  • $25 estimated uniform fee. Uniform information
  • $400-$500 estimated tour cost
  • Families with more than one singer enrolled in the NYC will pay full price for the singer in the highest tuition choir, and receive a 10% discount on the tuition of the other singers in the family.
  • Financial assistance is available

Troubadours is our choir for singers with tenor, bass, and changing voices in grades 6 – 12. This group challenges singers to perform the finest music with an understanding of excellent vocal technique and musicality. The Troubadours perform locally at civic events and concerts, enjoy yearly retreats, tour regionally in the spring, and perform in our winter and spring concerts. Return to registration page to register

Concert Choir

Troubadours combines with Anima to form the Concert Choir. Concert Choir rehearses during the second hour of rehearsal on Mondays.  The Concert Choir performs at our annual winter and spring concerts, local civic events, and on tour.


Our staff believes singers learn invaluable lessons and create life-long memories by touring. The Northfield Youth Choirs plans tours for each of our touring choirs. The NYC strives to keep tour prices as reasonable as possible and to only charge for the actual costs incurred on tour. For this reason, tour transportation, meals, lodging, and other necessary fees are billed later in the year as a “tour assessment.” Tour information including destination, length, and actual price is given to families early in the spring semester.