Treble Choir: Boys & Girls, Grades 3–5

Conductor: Nicole Thietje

Rehearsal time: Mondays, 4:30–5:30 p.m.

NYC’s entire fall season will be taught via remote learning (Zoom) beginning on September 21 and concluding on December 7. The fall season will conclude with a beautiful Virtual Winter Concert Program to be released via YouTube on Sunday, December 13th.

Treble Choir, for grades 3–5, will focus on expanding vocal range, developing beautiful tone quality, and building music-reading skills through unison, two-, and three-part music. Treble Choir performs locally and regionally, enjoys a fall retreat, Snow Days winter retreat, takes a two-day tour in the spring, and performs in our winter and spring concerts. Our After School Program is a popular option for this age group, providing transportation to rehearsal from the Northfield public elementary schools, recreational activities, and a healthy snack. Register now!

Spring Tours

Our staff believes singers learn invaluable lessons and create life-long memories by touring. The Northfield Youth Choirs plans spring tours for each of our touring choirs. The NYC strives to keep tour prices as reasonable as possible and to only charge for the actual costs incurred on tour. For this reason, tour transportation, meals, lodging, and other necessary fees are billed later in the year as a “tour assessment.” Tour information including destination, length, and actual price is given to families early in the spring semester.