Service Opportunity

We NYC singers and adults have an opportunity to participate in a Northfield community service project. On Sun., Dec. 9th from 1-3pm, a Northfield Youth Choirs team of 15-22 singers and adults will gather at the Northfield Armory to pack nutritious meals. These meals will feed starving children all over the world through the Minnesota-based, non-profit organization, “Feed My Starving Children” (

Our NYC team will be one of 48 teams (approximately 800+ Northfield volunteers) to pack a staggering 160,000 nutritious meals over three days. In one short session, the average individual volunteer packs an entire box of food–enough meals to feed 216 children or to feed one child for more than 7 months. The impact of our efforts will assuredly be realized in the wide reaches of this world. Imagine what our community can accomplish!

There are two ways to help in this great effort:

  • We need to provide 15-22 volunteers (ages 9 and up) to participate directly in packing meals on Dec. 9th, 1-3 pm at the Armory. If you would like to help pack meals, please respond to this email.
  • We need contributions of all sizes. Fifteen cents will cover the cost of one meal. The cost of one box (216 meals) is approximately $32. The cost of the meals that our group alone will pack on Dec. 9th will equal about $500. Please consider how our collective efforts can accomplish tremendous things. Checks can be made out to “Feed My Starving Children,” and mailed to NYC, PO Box 460; dropped at our office at 205 S. Water St.; or brought to the Armory on Dec. 9th from 1-3 pm.

This event is sponsored by 5th Bridge (, a Northfield non-profit organization whose aim is to enrich our community by engaging all of us in volunteerism and philanthropy.

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