Concert Dress Code Reminders

In the NYC, we strive for a unified sound AND look when we perform. To achieve this during our concerts, we ask the following:

  • All Girls: Wear solid black, low-heeled or flat dress shoes. (No sandals, open toes, boots, tennis shoes, thick soles, clogs, spiked heels, sling backs.)
  • Treble, Concert and Chorale Girls: Wear off-black sheer nylons. If your uniform includes a scarf, make sure the fringe is in good shape.
  • Poco and Jr. Singer Girls: Wear black opaque tights.
  • All Boys: Wear black dress socks and shoes (no sandals or slip-ons).
  • Hair: Should appear a natural color (no extreme-colored dye) and be simply done, always away from the face. Girls that wear barrettes or headbands should keep them hair-colored with no flowers, bows or extreme adornments that will stand out from hair.
  • Jewelry: If you have pierced ears, wear simple studs. No other jewelry is allowed with concert dress (this includes necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, watches, friendship bracelets and rings).
  • Face: Natural lip color. No glitter or dark eye-make-up.
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